• Thumbnail Monster Review and bonus

    Thumbnail Monster Review : Step 1: Choose Template: Choose 1 out of 300+ templates inside Thumbnail Monster. Step 2: Edit and Customize: Change the text, color and image. You can even add your own images. Step 3: Export and Publish: Save the image. Now, the image is ready to be your (or your clients’) youtube thumbnails. After seeing the quality of templates inside Thumbnail Monster, you must have thought that the price will "rob" you, BUT don't you worry! because Thumbnail Monster is offered at very affordable price. Grab if fast since the the price increases every sale. Features: Complete Package: More than 300 editable youtube thumbnail templates to ease you in creating youtube thumbnails. Easier and Faster: No need to spend much time when designing because there are only 3 steps needed to get one attractive youtube thumbnails. No Photoshop & Designing Skill: If you can use powerpoint, you are guaranteed to be able to use thumbnail monster. No complicated software and skill needed. The best part is, the developer right is included in Thumbnail Monster Package, which means : You are allowed to use Thumbnail Monsters in your own projects and also your clients' project for additional $$$. Can do for you: Simply choose templates inside Thumbnail Monsters and do three steps to create UNLIMITED attractive youtube thumbnails. Without Designing Skill. Without Photoshop. Without Monthly Fee.

    By getting Thumbnail Monster Review, you do not only have right to use the edited template for your video/channel BUT ALSO for your clients' projects. You can sell your youtube thumbnail design in your chosen marketplace, including Fiverr.  The simple three steps of using Thumbnail Monster enables you to create eye-catching thumbnail quicker so, you can even offer the finished-in-24-hours service, which is more expensive than regular service. FAQ (Fequently Asked Questions): Which version of powerpoint is required to start using this package? This package works in all versions of powerpoint, but it is highly recommended to use at least powerpoint 2010 for better result

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