• The 2X Challenge Review Should I get it?

    The 2X Challenge Review: The goal is 2X more revenue in your business. How’s that compared to sitting in a hot lecture hall listening to a teacher ramble on about a topic you could care less about because you’re “required” to take the class. If it sounds good to you, go and join The 2X Challenge.

    Features: The Intense Mentorship Training: Each day for 30 days of The 2X Challenge, you will learn a new strategy/concept that will generate “quick wins” – collectively generating a major revenue boost.

    The Workbook: Each day’s The 2X Challenge training includes a worksheet/checklist that you complete. Don’t worry, there are videos not only showing you how to complete each worksheet but how to actually implement the strategy being taught.

    The Coaching: Regular live coaching calls will allow you the ability to ask for feedback and get your questions answered.

    The Accountability: The private Facebook group gives you access to hundreds of other online business owners, going through the same challenge at the exact same time. This means everyone is working to help each other reach the goal – the goal of 2X revenue!

    The Software/Automation: You’re going to be receiving access to software/tools to help automate and handle much of the heavy lifting when it comes to implementation. Some days it will be as simple as enabling a feature.

    The 2X Challenge Review Can do for you

    Delegation Planning: Work smart, not hard. Learn how to figure out the tasks that YOU can do (and that you excel at) and which tasks OTHER people need to do (and where to find them).

    Setting Up Your Product: How to use PayKickstart to setup your product in preparation for the next step.

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