• PAYMEMBER 2 Review and bonus

    Using PayMember 2 Review is as EASY AS 1-2-3. After you do their super easy "One-Click Paypal Integration" to hookup your Paypal account to PayMember 2, you can protect anything you want, on any site, in 3 simple steps: Step 1 : Add a Campaign: Click a button to create a new campaign for the content page you want to protect. Step 2 : Enter the URL of the webpage you want to protect: You can protect any page on any site. Just enter the URL into PayMember 2 and EVERYTHING on that page, including any download links is fully protected, and only verified customers, who have paid money into your paypal account, will get access. Step 3 : Enter the name of your protected content ( to identify it in your Paypal transactions), and click a button. PayMember 2 works by looking up your PayPal transactions to make sure only customers who have PAID you get access to your content. So all you need to do is enter the name of your content to identify it in Paypal, and then your content is protected for you. PayMember 2 is available for low one-time fee for the launch offer ONLY. Once the launch offer ends PayMember will be going to a monthly subscription model at a much higher price. This is your only chance to get lifetime protection for your content for just one low fee. Don't miss out on this. Features: PayMember 2PayMember is EASY To Use: You literally just have to enter the URL of the content page you want to protect and click a button. EVERYHTING on the page, text, download files, images, videos are all protected for you just like that! PayMember 2 Review Works On ANY KIND Of Site: It is a SAAS app that lets you protect any kind of content (files, videos articles etc) on ANY kind of site. You don't need to use Wordpress! Integrates with all major autoresponders: PayMember collects email leads DIRECT from Paypal. As soon as the customer clicks buy, their email is saved direct to your chosen autoresponder. No more relying on any other service to collect your leads! Get POWERFUL DATA on all your customer transactions: Track chargebacks, refunds, purchases and much more for ALL your customers. 

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