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    PageLeads Review: Step 2: Message these Business Using out “Copy Paste” contact Script that is proven to work. Step 3: The Script does all the selling for you. Just follow up with Interested clients and close the sale. Step 4: Use Fiverr to easily get the job done and send it over to the clients. PageLeads is a super easy to use, intelligent little web app that let’s to collect leads from Facebook using Facebook’s and Google’s API’s. If you want to stop wasting time with seo and traffic generation and want to start making sales in little as the next 24 hours then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of PageLeads + training suite before the price goes up. Features: Simple 4 step system you can use to find business, resell services and easily make over $100 per day with PageLeads. No out-of-pocket expenses - can get started with no investment. Arbitrage business model - you don't have to do any of the work. Fast results - no need to spend time testing ads or doing seo. Simple easy to use app & complete step by step training. Exact script they use to get - copy, paste and send. Arbitrage Businesss Model - You don’t Do Any Of The Mork . No Cold Calling. Fast Results. No Need To Waste Time with SEO / Traffic Generation . No Out - Of -Pocket Expenses - Get Started With Zero Investment. Repeat Once A Day, Once a month- you can use this to make some quick cash or make consistent daily income. Take A Break anytime, no long tern commitments

    Can do for you: A 100% Cloud based web app: The PageLeads Review app that let’s you extract unlimited, hyper active business leads from Facebook in 60 seconds flat. It uses Facebook and Googlle API to get accurate results. Work on Mac, Windows and Linux Operating systems. No additional softwares or accounts necessary for it to work.

    Complete training: They give you step by step instructions on exactly how to use the app, how to positional yourself as the expert and how to sell walnut being pushy.

    Copy - Paste Script: They give you the exact contact script that they use that is proven to work time and time again. All you have to do is copy, paste, send


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