• GameAzon Review and bonus

    GameAzon Review And much more! The best way to find out if GAMEAZON is right for you is to check it out for yourself. Site back and watch GAMEAZON automatically build and grow your site!

    Features: Gaming Products and Accessories Ready To Sell: Your site comes with Bestselling Products already added and are ready for you to start selling and earning comissions!

    Automatic Amazon Product Import: Want to add more products? No problem! Automatically Import New Products to your site buy setting up new campaigns without needing api keys! Automatic Amazon Product Updates: Product availability, pricing and more are all updated automatically giving you confidence in knowing that your site's products are all up to date.

    Direct to Amazon Cart Functionality: You have the ability to turn this option on for any of your campaigns. When this option is enabled and the visitor clicks on the "Buy" button the product is automatically added to the customers cart on amazon. GameAzon Review Also Allows You to Have A 90 Day Cookie For More Commissions

    Every Video Game Product Category is Included: Your site comes loaded with all PC and Console Video Game Amazon Categories showcasing the most wanted products allowing you to make great commissions!

    Primary Pages Created For You: All of the basic pages have been created for you including your legal pages.  This is just another feature that will save you time.

    Automatic SEO of All Posts and Products: Each time a new post or product is published to your site,  it will automatically add the Title, Description and Keywords

    Amazon Banner Ads: GameAzon Includes amazon banner ad widgets and custom banner ads. Just insert your amazon affiliate id and you are ready to go.

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