• Click.org 3.0 Review Should I get it?

    Click.org 3.0 Review  Amazing New Features: With the new rollout of Click.org 3.0, they’ve released some amazing new features such as: Email Open & Click Tracking, Double Meta Refresh, Custom Tracking Parameters, etc. Click.org 3.0 was designed by marketers for marketers. It's simple to use and gives you everything you need to track, target and optimize all of your online marketing in one place. The number of things you can do with Click.org 3.0 to help you enhance, your online business, so you can be successful and make a lot of money is practically endless. If you’re itching to improve your online business and finally make loads of cash, today is the day to sign up! Get It Now.

    Features: Click.org 3.0 comes action packed with more than 50 tools you can use to track, test, target and optimize your clicks, increase your profits and grow your business. They know they do a whole lot (more than anyone else), but don't worry, they're super easy to use.

    Live Clickstream: You can now watch all your clicks and conversions come in line on their brand-new clickstream. It’s fully animated and updated every single second on the dashboard of your account so you can see your clicks and other data in real time, as it happens.

    Email Open & Click Tracking: This allows you to track your open and click through rates, so you can now see how many people are opening your emails, who’s opening them and clicking on the links inside. This is super helpful to their members who run a lot of email marketing campaigns and tracking which clicks convert and which don’t.

    Sales Funnel: This feature of Click.org 3.0 Review enables you to create and track an entire sales funnels from the first sign, through to all your up-sells, down-sells and backend high ticket offers. You can track everything from sales, leads, page views, signups, even refunds and chargebacks. Double Meta Refresh: They now allow you to completely hide your referring sites so that no one can see where your traffic is coming from. This is super useful for CPA and affiliate marketers with secret traffic sources.


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